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"TEXTBUCH" ('text book') is a double entry book keeping program (accounting program) only in german language. The input are text files and the program generates text files containing the annual closing and statements of accounts. The way how this job is done can be determined by using a powerful scripting language which enables scripts which are indepenent from accout numbers. A resource editor for generating specific dialog forms enables you very specific adaptions. The graphical environment of the program with integrated editors and settings notebook helps the user editing the input files and locating wrong entries.

"TEXTBUCH" has not been published in an english version because of differences in german, english and american law about book keeping. If there's someone who knows a lot about english or american book keeping and who understands some german, it would be great to get help in publishing an english version of TEXTBUCH or in a language of your choice.

On these pages, you will also find an introduction in double entry book keeping in german language which is very popular in Germany.

The Homepage of the author Dr. Martin Vieregg in english language: